July 15, 2019

Symptoms & Treatments

Attorneys Handling Mesothelioma Claims in Delaware

Symptoms of pleural mesothelioma, the most common form of mesothelioma, include shortness of breath, a persistent cough, coughing up blood, chest pain and pleural effusion (a buildup of fluid in the chest wall). If you observe any of these symptoms, especially if you have been exposed to asbestos in the past, speak with your medical professional immediately. Many Delaware companies were aware of the risks associated with asbestos, but continued to use it.

Removing Materials Containing AsbestosOnly an experienced medical professional can make a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Many less severe conditions have similar symptoms. Definitive diagnosis is performed using a variety of tests including:

  • Chest x-ray – In addition to identifying pleural effusions, chest x-rays can identify some signs of precancerous asbestos diseases.
  • CT scans – Computed tomography (CT) scans can identify pleural effusion, pleural thickening, pleural calcification, thickening of interlobular fissures, or possible chest wall invasion, but cannot differentiate between benign asbestos disease and malignant mesothelioma
  • MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is often used to identify the extent of tumor prior to surgery or other aggressive treatments
  • PET scans – Positron emission tomography (PET) scans are bow considered the best at identifying and characterizing tumor sites and cancer stages.
  • VATS – Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is the most widely used method for obtaining a biopsy in mesothelioma cases. Biopsies of multiple different tissues in the chest cavity may be obtained with this minimally invasive procedure.
  • Needle biopsy – In the case where VATS or other biopsy methods are unable to be performed, fine needle aspiration for biopsy may be used.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for malignant mesothelioma is generally poor. The median survival rate for patients with mesothelioma after diagnosis is one year. Treatment options range from surgery to remove the cancer to chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill the cancer.

If you or a loved one lived or worked in Delaware and has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our experienced Delaware mesothelioma lawyers today by emailing or calling 1-877 LOSS RECOVER (567-7732) for your free case evaluation.